Trombone for sale - Olds "Super" 1941

Trombone listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number41578
Trombone listed on12 May 2011
Price (US Dollars)$1599
NameJoey Arminio

Trombone Location: Brick, NJ, USA

Description: Trombone for sale - Olds "Super" 1941

ery nice condition Olds Super WWII 1941, 12,000 serial series. One of a kind and probably the lowest serial you will find of this type. This is a collectors item and is in wonderful condition. It comes with Case, trombone stand accessories, mouth piece etc. You just will not find a horn like this of this age. Oh one more thing, It is the original 13 inch bell and the slide on the Bell side does move as well as the regular slide.

This trombone was manufactured in 1940-41 at the Los Angeles, California Olds factory. This is not a refurb or a repaired horn. It is original and the lowest serial number I have seen untouched. There are a few 12,xxx serials out there but they have mostly been tampered with.

As the legendary trombonist and teacher Andrew Kerensky points out, the Super made its debut in the early 1930s. It is a horn the reflects the glitter and flash of the Jazz age and is consequently a horn known for its command of the Jazz idiom. The horn is enormously responsive says Kerensky, the material of the bell and the tone ring giving it a very dark centered tone. When pushed to its maximum, the tone becomes bright but does not distort. The horn is a showpiece. It produces a powerful bass and clear soaring highs. It is possibly the most versatile trombone ever produced. It is relatively lightweight, is very clear in the high registers and has a deep Jazz like voice in the low ranges. I.

Note: I am interested in purchasing a King Super 20 Silver Sonic Tenor Sax from the 50's or 60's, I will use horn as partial trade.

About the FE Olds Company:

FE Olds and Sons was known for master craftsmanship of brass instruments through out the first half of the twentieth century. Starting as a manufacturer of Trombones in the early 1900's. Olds was responsible for many of the modernizing elements of trombone design. They took extreme pride in their work! They invented the "fluted tube", pioneered design elements and bell materials and were right at the forefront of musical instrument manufacture. In the 1950's they began an intensive program of distribution of student level instruments, known for their sturdy construction and good tonal quality. Many of us "boomers" learned to play the trombone in school bands across America on an Olds! The combination of their intense desire for quality, which led to higher costs, and a disasterous fire, which destroyed many of their templates and mandrels, put them out of business. Since then, both collectors and players have searched out mint and fine quality Olds horns. They are some of the finest available today!

I am interested in purchasing a King Super 20 Saxophone serial 290 - 340 with perl work on keys. I will use this horn as a partial trade plus cash.

This is also listed on ebay. Use ebay to look at photos but contact me direct for purchase.


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