Trumpet - Martin Committee Bb Trumpet from around 1948-1960 FOR SALE

Trumpet listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number31479
Trumpet listedbefore 2017
Price (Euro)700
Converted price (US$)$854 (approx)

Description: Trumpet - Martin Committee Bb Trumpet from around 1948-1960 FOR SALE

This is a Martin Committee from around 1950.It is still in good condition for an instrument of its age.For questions about the condition and or pictures please mail me.I will reply as fast as possible.
Now to the playing part.This trumpet is a really nice playing horn.Besides the fact that the bore is somewhere around only 453"( compared to a modern Bach ML which is 459"), this trumpet is still very easy to blow and the airflow is incredibly smooth.The sound is quite dark but the louder you try to play the more bright it gets without breaking up like for example a Bach ML.It can be a great horn for playing jazz but classical too.I think in big bands you will really love the way it can sound in a section.
Just a few things about its condition: it has two patches where I guess that there was a hole or something, the lacquer is of course very used and you might find that it looks disgusting,the valves are still very fast but you might put some new springs in it-you will see better on the pictures.
All in all a good horn that is old, has a very characteristic sound and look.
Don't hesitate to contact me for any questions,I'm a musician too.


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