Tuba - 5v piston CC Tuba for sale with gig bag

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Instrument number40565
Tuba listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$2900 or best offer

Description: Tuba - 5v piston CC Tuba for sale with gig bag

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I have a 5 piston valve CC tuba lacquered with nickel silver trim Asian 'M&M' /1291-2 Miraphone or B&S type clone for sale. I say 1291-2 Miraphone or B&S type 'clone' because very similar to a 1291-2, but the 5th valve is in a different position on the horn, the bell is a whisker smaller, and the wrap is a tad different. I am not exactly sure what horn this is copied/'cloned' from, hence my Miraphone 1291-2/B&S clone type description.
It has 4 stainless steel pistons & 1 rotor. I have used this horn in numerous concerts while filling in at times with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra this Summer.
The horn has the best moving set of pistons that I have ever owned--like velvet! Excellent compression. The instrument has a nice and sweet dark sound. It does blow a bit different than a rotary horn--with the proper mouthpiece, it produces a LOT of volume. A few alternates for some notes are useful, but the horn worked fine with the BPO just as is!
When I got the horn (which is not even for sale yet in the US--I had 'first dibs' when it was available, and I think{?} this is the third one made--serial # 041003--it was sent to me from ITEC), the original receiver was out of round and leaked. I have since acquired another original factory receiver, had it installed and no more leaks! In addition, I have had a few 'tweaks' done (1st slide loosened, pistons aligned properly, rotor clear bumpers 'replaced' with synthetic bumpers, water key corks replaced with 'synthetic' corks, etc.) by my repairman. From orchestra use, it just has a couple of tiny, tiny 'pings'--otherwise in like new condition. I have tried to describe this horn the best I can.
The horn has a nickel silver leadpipe, & a .772-.835 bore. Bell diameter is 17.75" & height of horn is approx. 37" tall.
I am selling the horn because I would like to acquire a silver plated version of this instrument when available--just my own personal taste. If this horn doesn't sell, I can surely live with this lacquered version just fine.
The horn comes with a nicely padded back pack & handles type of gig bag. No hard case. However, I WILL NOT ship the horn----but I AM agreeable to driving a few hours to meet up with someone--3-4 hours each way. I just do not want the horn damaged in shipping---I've seen and heard of too many shipping accidents of horns lately. I am in Eden, NY--outside of Buffalo.
A German version will run you new at least $9,000-$10,000 plus. My new price now for this is $2,900/OBO for the horn & gig bag. It will be hard to find a new CC piston tuba like this anywhere else for this kind of money.
NOTE: I MIGHT be willing to trade for a large rotary CC tuba (to add A HOG "to the herd")-like a CC Cerveny 5/4, etc. OR I MIGHT be willing to trade for an antique tuba to add to my collection--like an ophicleide, an Over The Shoulder {OTS}, etc.
To try it out for a play test, call me at: (716)-803-5765.


Pictures: Tuba - 5v piston CC Tuba for sale with gig bag

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