Tuba - Alexander 164 BBb 5-valve Tuba

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Description: Tuba - Alexander 164 BBb 5-valve Tuba

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Alexander 164 BBb Kaiser tuba, .846" bore, custom ordered (with 4th-valve tubing in the older configuration and the small Alexander medallion on the front of the bell) through The Horn Guys of southern CA in 2008.
The thumb-operated 5th valve is two whole steps (valves 2 and 3 together), but can be extended to three whole steps (1,2,and 3 together) with an extra crook whose parts were ordered directly from Gebrüder Alexander in 2011. The purpose of the extension was twofold: to facilitate perfectly in-tune B- and E-naturals, as well as the chromatic scale down to BBB-flat (BBB-natural comes out nicely with 1-4-5).
Condition is near-flawless, with the exception of some discoloration of the lacquer in the 5th-valve slide due to the unsoldering and resoldering which were necessary to accommodate the extension crook (small u-crook at unmodified 5th-valve slide front was originally soldered in place, and is now adjustable/removable as a second and separate slide within the 5th valve).
The image shown is one of several professional photos taken at The Horn Guys of the tuba newly arrived from Germany in 2008 (these pictures are still posted at Horn Guys' website). Current pictures of the horn, with and without the 5th-valve extension, will be emailed on request. The extension is raw brass, and is easily removable for conversion back to the original 2-step configuration.
This horn, currently located in eastern WA, has spent most of its life stored in its Winter hard case, purchased directly from Alexander with the instrument. Beautiful, well-cared-for horn, must offer for sale due to financial circumstances.

Pictures: Tuba - Alexander 164 BBb 5-valve Tuba

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