Tuba - CC York by Monke 6/4

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Tuba listedbefore 2017
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Description: Tuba - CC York by Monke 6/4

for Sale;

Completely hand built 6/4 model York by Josef Monke, Köln, Germany.
The combination of old-fashioned craftsmanship and passion.

Price; 25.000 euro.

built in 1987. The second of a serie of three.
It is a close copy of the original 6/4 York, but not an exact copy.
Custum made.
5 valves, 4 piston, 1 rotary, which is a ( long) semi tone and is placed on
the 4th valve.
The tuning slide is conical.
The valves are absolutely not worn, and use thin oil.

The instrument has not been played for many years.
All together it has been played for ± 350 hours, orchestral playing.

It has two (removable) lead pipes. A small one and a large one.
With the small one it is possible to play in a brass quintet.

The bell is positioned as low as possible, and is unfinished.
This was done for trying out the response of a more thick bell.
Therefore the name Monke is not inscribed. ( can be done still).
Monke in Köln will confirm that it is built by them.
The thickness of the bell can be altered.( by hand.)

Also the lead pipes are unfinished.
It has the advantage that they can still be bent in case one wants to reposition their height.

The instrument’s main tube has as little as possible bows who are made as wide as possible.
Kölnischer style supports. These are handmade out of a single piece of
Neusilber or brass. Extremely strong.
Give very good attachment, so no big slabs all over the instrument, which holds back vibrations.

When the instrument was completed, on the inside it was given a layer of oil, against corrosion.
Two dents on the bottom bow, one outside, one inside, 3 cm wide, furthermore one or two minor ones.
In general undamaged, looks neat, apart from being dull and dusty.
The instrument has never been put on its bell.
Weight; 10,4 kilo

55 cm wide flare. The pictures do not correctly reproduce the shape of the bell.

The sound is very robust, with enough overtones so it will blend in with other instruments.
It is easy to play, it is direct and very safe, also when played very soft, and has a very open ‚feel’.
It never feels ‚stuffed’, it never sounds ‚stuffed’.
The projection is enormous without having to work very hard. A very good relation between air output and projection of sound !
An even range thru out the compass.
The notes fall easily into place, but can be easily adjusted without losing the centre of the tone.
The intonation is good, although second lowest D, is a bit low.
lowest F sharp is a bit low, because the 5 valve has not been shortened to the proper length.
Make it shorter and it can also be used as a slide. For the low D flat an extension is needed.

Some lead pipes from the first model, nr. 1, are available, and, after adjustment, can perhaps be of use.

Questions and much more photo’s, please send an email !
The instrument is situated in The Netherlands, nearby Amsterdam.


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