Tuba - MW2265 prototype

Tuba listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number34502
Tuba listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$10000 +shipping

Description: Tuba - MW2265 prototype

This is the original Meinl Weston 2265 prototype, handmade by Warren Deck in 2002. This model is a hybrid of a MW2165 and MW2000, with a 45slp leadpipe. As a result, the sound is just as big as a 2165, but with much better focus and clarity. The response, articulation, and intonation problems associated with most 2165's are greatly diminished with this tuba. The efficiency on this horn could not be compared to any 6/4 or 5/4 horn that I have ever played. Most likely due to the leadpipe, it feels more like a 4/4 in that respect.

The horn was handmade by Warren Deck in 2002, and had recent modifications done by Matt Walters in 2006. The finish is barebrass, which I believe helps the projection, and actually requires very little maintenance.

This is a very special horn, not just because of the history behind it, but because it is a great horn - easily one of the best horns I've ever played.


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