Tuba - Willson 3200 Rotary F Tuba

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Description: Tuba - Willson 3200 Rotary F Tuba

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After some musical soul searching I have decided to sell my two year old, pristine Willson 3200 rotary valve F tuba. These instruments are quite rare in the US and I only know of a handful of folks that are currently playing this particular horn.

Here are some specifics:

Silver Plated 5/4 F Tuba
Five Rotax Rotary Valves (all in right hand)
Graduated Bore: .728" - .807" in the 5th valve

This instrument is the finest rotary valve F tuba that I have ever encountered. The low register on this particular instrument exceeds that of many of its piston valved counterparts. It plays like a 4/4 CC tuba below the staff and the pedal register practically plays itself. Pitch is outstanding and I have not found the need to push or pull any slides while playing. When I purchased this horn a couple of years ago I was without a CC tuba and used this instrument as my workhorse, performing with orchestras, bands, quintets and in many solo recital situations. This instrument projects very well and can put out an amazing amount of sound while maintaining a beautiful core to the sound.

The instrument is in like new condition: no dents with a few, barely visible scratches from the gig bag. Many on Tubenet have complained about the thumb ring and their complaints are valid. My repairman and I tried to alter it a bit to create a saddle but the ergonomics were never correct so we removed it completely. There is a small, dime size plating blemish where the old thumb ring resided but it is never seen due to the wrap of the third valve slide. The altered thumb ring is long gone and will not be included with the purchase.

Why am I selling? As I mentioned before I was without a CC tuba when I purchased this horn and needed a large F to accommodate all of my playing. I have since purchased a large-ish CC tuba and am finding that I am no longer in need of such a large F.

The 2011 Price List from Getzen/Willson lists this horn at $15,500 although I am doubtful that any more will be brought into the US unless a special order is made from the factory. My price is $10,900 and would include a blue Cronkhite gig bag and an MTS hard case. The horn is located in Normal, Illinois which is conveniently located about 2-3 hours from Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis. I would be willing to drive a few hours in any direction to facilitate a sale.

Pictures: Tuba - Willson 3200 Rotary F Tuba

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