Violin Bow - carbon fiber violin and fiddle bow

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Description: Violin Bow - carbon fiber violin and fiddle bow

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Adam R. Sweet's Fiddler's Bow (pat.pend.)

"I think it's a real nice bow for fiddling, and that most people would really enjoy it. I'd certainly recommend it, especially at that great price.
Darol Anger"

In the making of my bow, I sought advice from Rick Rigall (Wm Moening & Sons), Steve Beckley (, Roger Treat (Putney, VT), Matt Stamell (Stamell String), Andrew Glasser (Glasser Bows), and Ken Wise (International Violin). Michael T. Sowden talked to me about bow hair (I only use the best), and Jacy Sousa (Horst John) made suggestions about the frog and tip.

The following text was written by Steve R. Perry of Gianna Violins, who loves my bow and carries it in his shop.

"Developed by fiddler Adam R. Sweet over a 15 year period, using feedback from the thousands of fiddlers from all over the world,

* Specifically designed for fiddling, suitable for players of all levels.
* Relatively light, about 59 g on average and stiffer than average.
* Tip is slightly more "massive," but not much heavier than a standard French bow tip, just spread out over a wider area like a baroque bow, or a cello bow, giving it the feel and effect of more mass, but without a sensation of heaviness.
* Gives faster play at the tip, without pushing down very hard on the stick, letting the fiddler produce a good solid tone at any speed.
* Solid carbon graphite stick, not a hollow or fiber stick. Stamped from a solid mass of carbon graphite, then carved and shaped to match the model.
* Virtually unbreakable.
* All other niceties of a standard French style violin bow: i.e., fully mounted genuine ebony frog, Parisian eye, three-part button, faux whalebone wrap, leather grip, and the finest bow hair.
* Standard wooden wedges, easily removed and replaced (no nails, screws or plastic plugs to worry about)."

Pictures: Violin Bow - carbon fiber violin and fiddle bow

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