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Instrument number27892
Accordion listedbefore 2019
Price (US Dollars)$300 +shipping and insurance


Appraisal ID: 15810
Appraised On: 03-17-2003
Date/Era/Period: not known
Description: Scandall Accordion
Grade: Fine
Condition: This item does play, however I do not know how to play the accordion. The keyboard keys are all intact. The keys are like the keys on a piano, black and white. It has twenty-four white keys and seventeen black keys. Three of the white keys seem that they may need some work, as they are not in perfect alignment. Right above the keyboard keys are five other keys four black, two on each side and a white one in the middle. These keys move freely and appear to function properly. On the top back front of the accordion there is a series of buttons. There are six rows of twenty buttons, slanted diagonally. The buttons are black and they are set in a white base. All of the buttons move freely and seem to function properly. One of the buttons has a scratch on it. There are also two large black buttons that are adjacent to the buttons and these also move freely. There is a symbol on the front that says “custom built”. On the reverse at the top, keyboard end there is a label that says “Silvana V” . Further down the back is a label that says made in Italy and M 941/56. The name SCANDALLI is in raised letters on the front of the accordion. The straps are old but strong and appear to in good condition. They have buckles like a belt. The accordion is silvery gray. The accordion itself weighs about 25 pounds.

Appraised By: Judith Katz-Schwartz

Appraiser Comments: The Scandalli Accordian Company of Italy was founded in 1959 and continues to produce accordians today. Their instruments are handmade and considered works of art.

Current Fair Market Value*: $300.00

Replacement Value**: $600.00
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