Bass Trombone - Bach Stradivarius 50B2G Trombone OLD

Bass Trombone listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number37269
Bass Trombone listedbefore 2020
Price (US Dollars)$1600

Description: Bass Trombone - Bach Stradivarius 50B2G Trombone OLD

Bach Stradivarius 50B2G Trombone
Serial number 12516 which dates it to the year 1970.

Have you been looking for a Bass trombone that allows you to blow through the attachments easily and with a free sound? If so, this horn is it! If you donít like it, go ahead and send it back for a refund! That is how confident I am! It has a Gold Brass bell which is very popular now because it gives you extra flexibility and a better response out of the bell.

Slide: The slide is in great shape! I played Morceau Symphonic with this horn and I loved the slide response and speed!

Triggers: It is a dependent valve setup, which I prefer more than the inline systems.
Reason #1 You donít have to tune your slide to the two valves when playing.
Reason #2 The 2nd valve does everything you need a bass trombone to do. The only reason they addes a 2nd valve was to get that low B natural
Reason #3 It is simple! Push one valve down and play F. Push 2 valves down and play E.
Both triggers work well and are great in the lower registers

Condition: It has some wear on the horn. It is expected if you want to buy a horn that was used by professionals and sounds great for the quality they performed in those days! If it wasnít worn at all, I would be hesitant to buy it because that would mean that the owner didnít like the sound and put it in his/her closet.

Case: The case is the original Aligator case that can hold 2 trombones at once! It is perfect if you switch from bass to tenor, or just have 2 horns that you love! It is in good condition with little wear on the outside. It is definitely solid! Latches all work great and everything!

Shipping: I will ship it worldwide if necessary. If you want some pictures, please email me at kodagoldberg6 AT and I will send you a whole gallery of them! You can even give me a phone call at (503)319-4636. I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Donít let this trombone pass you up!

Asking $1600


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