Drum kit for sale - Huge DW Collectors Series Kit,Drum Frame Rack & Extras

Drum kit listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number44029
Drum kit listed on04 Mar 2014
Price (US Dollars)$8000 or best offer
Postcode / Zip60618

Drum kit Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Description: Drum kit for sale - Huge DW Collectors Series Kit,Drum Frame Rack & Extras

Huge DW Collectors Series Kit,Drum Frame Rack & Extras

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PLEASE NOTE THE OFFICIAL PRICE OF THE DRUMS ONLY VIA DW PRICING IS JUST UNDER $16,000. I am willing to sell the hihat separately for $250.00 and the DrumFrame Rack for $700.00.

I know the price is a lot but the drums and cases are almost worth that alone. These are hands down the best drums you can possibly own. All the drums have the reinforcement hoops as well. All the shells and bearing edges are in beautiful shape.

Toms 8-13" are 6-ply, while 14" and bigger are 7-ply. Bass drums are 7-ply and snare drums are 10-ply (with 6-ply reinforcement hoops).

The Drum Frame V2L. The V.2L includes an integrated, customized rack system with the signature "S" tube and 2 front crossbars. The bass drum is suspended from above by the FrameWork, and stabilized at two points underneath by a small brace that attaches to any bass drum pedal. This mounting system allows the bass drum to be set up in the optimum playing position for each drummer, with height, angle of attack, and lateral placement individually adjustable. The V-2L has established the trademark look of the "flying bass drum" inherent in the original DrumFrame design. I do only have one bass drum mount for the bass drums. I could not track down another bass drum mount from Drum Frame. The second bass drum can be held in position by the floor tom bass drum stand which is also included here. All clamps, boom arms etc are included as well. There is enough hardware to mount everything if you so choose.

DW Collector Series Drums

5 1/2 x 14 Edge Snare Drum
7 x 8 Tom (F#)& Hard Shell Case
8 x 10 Tom (B flat) & Hard Shell Case
9 x 12 Tom (D) & Hard Shell Case
11 x 14 Tom (B) & Hard Shell Case
13 x 16 Tom (G) & Hard Shell Case
14 x 18 Tom (D) & Hard Shell Case
Two 18 x 22 Bass Drums & Hard Shell Cases

Drum Frame Drum Rack

VL2 Drum Frame Rack


10" Paiste Rude Splash
14 " Zildjian Z Custom Hi Hats
16" Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash
Two 18" Zildjian Z Custom Rock Crashes
18" Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash
18" Zildjian A Custom China
20" Paiste 2002 Novo China
20" Paiste Rude Power Ride


On Drums Evans coated G1 Batters
Some extra clear G2 batters

Hardware & Pedals

Axis Black Longboards Double Pedal (Can be separated into single pedals as well)
DW 9000 Remote Hi Hat
All clamps for the drum rack
Tom Arms
Lots of miscellaneous clamps etc

Practice Equipment

Mesh Heads
8",10" two 12", 13", three 14", 16" & 22"

Practice cymbals (I glued some foam on these to further quiet them)

One set Hi Hats, One 16" Crash, Five 18" Crashes, One 10" splash, Seven cymbal mutes.


Pictures: Drum kit for sale - Huge DW Collectors Series Kit,Drum Frame Rack & Extras

Picture of Drum kit - Huge DW Collectors Series Kit,Drum Frame Rack & Extras


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