Organ - 2/10 Residence Pipe organ

Organ listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number28210
Organ listedbefore 2019
Price (US Dollars)$4000 or best offer

Description: Organ - 2/10 Residence Pipe organ

The instrument is currently playing and being used every day for practice.

Unlike in some other situations, there is plenty of time to remove it. It seems to me that lots of organs are lost because they must be removed at the last minute. Also, this would be a very simple removal, since the organ was never really installed - it is sitting in my basement, which has an outside door. I would like it removed before we put our house up for sale after the first of the year, but even that is negotiable. All components will go through a standard 32" door.

The web site has all the details of construction, photos, links to the specifications, history of the component "donor" organs, and even some removal pictures.

The major components came from a 6-rank Hook and Hastings mortuary organ (1929) and a 3 rank Wicks chancel extension. The console is a 1978 Schantz 2 manual rocker tab type with mechanical combination action (4 generals, 4 divisionals for Great, Swell, Pedal). Has toe studs for generals and pedal plus tutti and Great to Pedal. Has Swell pedal and Crescendo. The blower is a 1HP Spencer, 220v single phase in an enclosure. The relay is electromechanical. The rectifier is a 50-amp Astron. The Wicks portion uses Direct Electric action. The H&H portion has been converted to electromechanical (Reisner 601's), and the larger pipes use Reisner or Klann DVAs. The string and trumpet offsets are electropnematic.

All components plug together using 50-pin TELCO connectors. It is "Plug and Play" - easily moved and setup.

This instrument is VERY compact. The Wicks 3-rank chest is about 2'x7. The H&H portion uses 5 individual chests each about 1'x1'x7'. There are also two 16' Bourdon offsets, an 8' String offset, and an 8' Trumpet offset. These are mounted horizontally. The Bourdons are professionally mitered to fit under an 8' ceiling. There are two reservoirs and two Arndt termolos. One reservoir is a supply house type rubber cloth top, and the other is a Wicks that was releathered professionally about 5 years ago.

Additional equipment, which is included in the deal:
o 6-stage swell engine, supply house type
o Set of swell shades and frame, about 6' x 7'
o Relay (4'x8'x1')
o Small Moller reservoir, excellent condition
o Large box of 20' Telco cables with connectors
o 3 50-pair 50' (I think) extension cables with connectors on both ends (Male, Female)
o Extra 8-note offset chest, uses DVAs, planned to use for 8' Open Diapason basses
o 8' Open Diapason 1-6, not currently used (ran out of space)
o Extra components (Klann large DVAs, relays, Reisner gang switches, etc.)
o Supplies (clamps, cork gaskets, flanges, flex tubing, etc.)
o Clear "organ wood" from dismantled windchests and bearers
o Extra pipework from broken sets
o Console platform (on castors)
o OSI (Fisk type) tuning knife
o OSI brass double toe cups


This is not a current listing. See more organs.

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