Organ - Allen TC4 Organ

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Instrument number31643
Organ listedbefore 2019

Description: Organ - Allen TC4 Organ

Allen TC-4 (serial 40248) free to a church or charitable organization. Good condition, with two large Allen external speaker cabinets ( one with rotating speaker ). It includes bench and lighted music stand. Swell: Bourdan 16 Diapason 8,Flute 8,Octave 4,Flute 4,Nazard 2 2/3, Piccolo 2,Mixture II,Bombarde 16 Trumpet 8, Clarion 4 Great: Bourdan 16 Diapason 8,Flute 8,Octave 4,Flute 4,Nazard 2 2/3, Super Octave, Piccolo 2, Trumpet 8, Harp, Celeste, Carillon, Sustain, 'C' Pedal: (32 pedal AGO) Contra Diapason 32, Diapason 16, Lieblich Gedect 16, Prin 8, Flute 8, Octave 4, Mixture, Bombarde 16, Trumpet 8 General: Tremelo, Vibrato, Celeste Strings,... 16 preset buttons ( analog programable ) 5 kick pistons 2 pedals ( one creshendo ) This is a big organ, weight about 400 pounds, speaker cabinets are about 4 feet 6 by 2 feet wide. It needs a tune up; 6 keys do not play. I have the manuals for it to enable trouble shooting. The organ is in Irvine ( Orange County), California.


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