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Organ listedbefore 2019
Price (Canadian Dollars)Price $40000
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Description: Organ - Casavant pipe organ

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Pipe organ for sale

Casavant Frères, Opus 2151, 1952
16 ranks, electro-pneumatic
in perfect condition, rebuilt in 2003 by Ateliers Guilbault-Bellavance-Carignan, new leather , new power supply, Casavant blower with new electric motor (220V single phase), oak organ case restored and refinish.

Dimension: about 20' wide, 15' tall, 10' depth. Console foot print about 5'/5'

Great: Montre 8, Melodie 8, Dulciane 8, Flûte bouchée 4, Prestant 4, Doublette 2, Tremolo
Swell: Principal 8, Bourdon 8, Viole de gambe 8, Voix céleste 8, Flûte harmonique 4, Hautbois 8, Tremolo
Pedal: Bourdon 16, Violoncelle 8, Bourdon 8, Basse choral 4
Couplers: Great 4, Swell 16-4, Great to pedal 8-4, Swell to pedl 8-4, Swell to Great 16-8-4

Casavant electro-pneumatic combination system 4 general memory, Great to pedal, 4 partial for Great and pedal, 4 partial for swell, rappel
Location: Victoriaville, Quebec
Price: 40 000$ CAN
The organ can be disassemble from july 2010 or before if you need.

Pictures: Organ - Casavant pipe organ

Picture of Organ - Casavant pipe organ


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