Organ - Leslie 860 w/Speakeasy Vintage Tube Preamp

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Description: Organ - Leslie 860 w/Speakeasy Vintage Tube Preamp

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Solid-state Leslie model 860, comes with Speakeasy Vintage Tube Preamp and 30' of 11-pin cable. Great for the gigging "clone" organist that needs to be heard in a medium to large size club or or the guitarist that wants that ultimate/unique vibe. SRV, Cream, Blind Faith, and Mountain were just some of the many bands that used the later Leslie models live.

The newer/current Pro Line models as well as the Motion Sound units run into the thousands of dollars, and guitar pedals and the rotary modeling sims built into today's complex computerized tonewheel organs like the Hammond X-series or the Nord Electro are great, but lack the authenticity of a real Leslie cabinet that was designed for one thing and one thing only: to move air! No sim or pedal can replace real spinning rotors and a wood cabinet.

If you are looking for a more reasonable alternative to sinking several grand into a Leslie 2100 or 3300, or an expensive Motion Sound unit,
consider the Leslie 860. Solid, reliable, and with a warm tube preamp on the front end, it is the ultimate gigging amp (lighter that a 122 or 147) with plenty of punch for either guitar or left hand bass organ.

Here are the specs:

Height 25 inches.
Width 25 inches.
Depth 19 inches.
109 lbs.
Has 2 rotors and 2 speakers.
Accepts one 1/4" input via Speakeasy Tube Preamp Pedal
The amp provides 120 Watts of RMS power.
An 11 pin connector

29 VDC for control head
Leslie/EMI recomends it for use with: Single channel organ.
Has a tolex covered portable style cabinet.

Tolex/ fabric was recovered about 5 years ago by music shop in SE Wisconsin, and is holding up pretty well. 11 pin amphernol connector was rewired as well, but works great.

Price is firm, buyer is to assume shipping costs. I can arrange for crating and sendoff withing the lower 48 United States. These later model Leslie 860's are getting harder and harder to come by. The Speakeasy Vintage Tube Preamp Pedal alone (when new) with configured options is worth at least $550.00

Pictures: Organ - Leslie 860 w/Speakeasy Vintage Tube Preamp

Picture of Organ - Leslie 860 w/Speakeasy Vintage Tube PreampPicture of Organ - Leslie 860 w/Speakeasy Vintage Tube PreampPicture of Organ - Leslie 860 w/Speakeasy Vintage Tube Preamp


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