Organ - Want to sell: Allen TC-1 transistor church organ

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Description: Organ - Want to sell: Allen TC-1 transistor church organ

Allen TC-1 transistor church organ $550.00

Introduced by Allen Organ Company in 1958, the TC-1 was the world's first all transistor church organ, and many were sold. The console (52.5"W x 29.5"D x 43.5H, 336 lbs.) appears to be solid walnut with a matching (45.5"L, 25 lbs.) bench and 32-note detachable princess pedalboard (60 lbs). There is also a pedalboard light. The organ is in very good condition. I am an experienced organist, and to my knowledge, everything works exactly as it should. I have enjoyed playing it.

The TC-1 is basically a two-rank unified duplexed organ. The three sets of tone generators are for Flute, Diapason and Celeste. The Reed stops (Clarinet and Trumpet) are derived from combinations of Flutes at different pitches. Chiff, Stopped Flutes, and Percussions (Harp, Celesta, Bells and Carillon) are included. It has three blind preset general stop combination buttons/pistons and a cancel. Several Allen service manuals are also included. Two keys are for locking the hinged cover.

The original T-50 (50W) transistor (solid state) amplifier has dual coaxial inputs (the original Jerrold connectors were replaced with standard coaxial) for Flute and Diapason, separate adjustable gains, single 16 Ohm output, and is located inside the console.

The large original external speaker cabinet (33"W x 24.5"D x 50.25"H) is an Allen Model 100 Gyrophonic Projector containing three 12" and three 3" tweeter speakers on a rotating baffle in the upper section, and two 15" non-rotating speakers in the lower section. Speaker rotation is controlled by console stop tabs, and can be either fast (vibrato), slow (normal) or off. The external speaker cabinet is independently powered but controlled by an AC relay assembly automatically activated from the console. The upper section of the cabinet contains the Gyro power supply and the crossover assembly. The two sections are bolted together but could be separated. The entire cabinet was originally painted utility brown, but I repainted it white and replaced the grille cloth fronts with white to match our living room walls.

I purchased the organ one year ago from a church that switched to guitars and drums, where this organ had been used for nearly 48 years. It could still serve a congregation or be a home practice instrument. Because it is used equipment, it is being sold as-is, without warranty. Pick-up only at Modesto, CA; no shipping. From the porch to the curb there are six steps.

Stop list available on request.


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