Recording gear - Yamaha MD8 digital 8 Track PERFECT!

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Instrument number24154
Recording gear listedbefore 2019
Price (US Dollars)$449 firm

Description: Recording gear - Yamaha MD8 digital 8 Track PERFECT!

This is a PERFECT Yamaha MD8 8 track recorder.
The original price for this machine was $1495.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced recorder- and you've been scanning the new all digital menu driven recorders--- THINK AGAIN.

I have been using MD8's for years. I have sold THOUSANDS of Pro broadcast quality CDs created on the MD8, i.e. "Cosmic Conversations" (listen on my page) See my main web site: Neil Slade .com It is SUPERIOR in many ways to ANY recorder under $1000-1500. Don't be fooled by the new mini digital workstations- bleecch.
Price includes ground shipping via FedEX.

This model records on inexpensive MD DATA discs available at at $10 each. I'll include several of these with the machine. Each data disc records 18 minutes of 8 track recording, 36 minutes of 4 track recording, or 74 minutes of 2 track recording. Data discs can be used infinite times, over and over, for new songs. You can also use standard MD discs to do two track recording.

The MD8 is a SUPERB sounding recorder, without doubt, and EASY and intuitive to use, just like a standard recorder (unlike all the cheapo
multitrack recorers out there)

It has advantages over many other all-digital workstations.

1) Warm analog board. Analog RULES for mixing down. This board will also double as a live mixing board as well, and is of excellent quality.
No mixing menus to scroll through- LOTS OF KNOBS, with direct access to pan, EQ, cue, and more. Analog mixdown is unquestionably superior to digital mixing, and one reason why this unit makes such good recordings.

2) Totally silent operation, portable (unlike your PC), mix down to Cool Edit, Pro Tools, or DAT, use
all your existing outboard gear for effects.

3) Direct out's for EACH CHANNEL.

4) Multiple bounces possible allowing you to go far beyond 8 tracks of recording-- The Beatles never used anything more than an 8 track recorder for ANY of their albums.

4) Phantom power and XLR inputs for two tracks, all eight tracks have 1/4" inputs also, with insert send receive for tracks 1 and two. You can record 8 TRACKS SIMULTANEOUSLY. READ THIS AGAIN. I.e. Zoom MRS-1044CD= 2 tracks simul.record, blecch.

5) Two AUX sends, 12 INPUT CHANNELS.

This is an absolutely unbeatable machine for the money. Period. And makes wonderful recordings with pristine sound quality.

FULL details and specifications see the link below.

You may purchase using Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. I am a nationally known music and book publisher and you can use my on-line secure website to submit your purchase info.

PRICE IS FIRM at $495.

USA buyers ONLY.

Digital/Audio Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz, Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
THD+N: 0.012% typ. (1kHz)
S/N: 96dB typ.
Rec/Play 8-track independent simultaneous record/play (Recording time: 18min)
Dubbing with 8-track playback
Auto & Manual Punch In/Out (11.6ms accuracy)


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