Recording gear for sale - YAMAHA MD8

Recording gear listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number41671
Recording gear listed on29 Apr 2011
Price (US Dollars)$225
Namelarry lorenzo
Citytoms river
Postcode / Zip08755

Recording gear Location: Toms River, NJ, USA

Description: Recording gear for sale - YAMAHA MD8

Yamaha MD-8 Minidisc 8 track digital recorder.  

Comes with machine, power cord, manual, and some minidiscs & data disc's.  Great working and cosmetic condition! Google for more info.

Frequency Resp: 20-20kHz +1/-3dB, S/N: 96dB, THD: 0.02% or 0.012% (Yamaha brochures are inconsistent on this point).
Inputs: Mic/Line Ch1,2 (-10 to -50dB, TRS Phone Jack, XLR). Mic/Line Ch3-8 (-10 to -50dB, TRS Phone Jack). Line Ch 9-12 (-10db, Phone Jack). 2TR In L,R (-10dB, RCA Pin Jack).
Outputs: Stereo out L,R (-10dB, RCA Pin Jack). Monitor out L,R (-10dB, RCA Pin Jack). Track Direct Out 1-8 (-10dB, RCA Pin Jack). Aux Send 1,2 (-10dB, Phone Jack). Phones (100mW+100mW, Stereo Phone Jack).

There is now a total of 12 input channels; the first eight are provided with full mixer facilities, and channels 9-10 and 11-12 with basic stereo level and routing controls. Of the first eight, channels 1 and 2 have more extensive input options, with a choice of both XLR or quarter-inch jack sockets (either can be used balanced or unbalanced). These channels also feature an extra TRS insert socket (post-EQ, pre-fader) to add outboard processing such as a compressor or noise gate if required. A single switch (located on the back panel, of which more in a moment) is also provided on these channels for 48V phantom power. Channels 3 to 8 have unbalanced quarter-inch jack sockets.

There are two aux send controls, and they are both post-fader, which is more useful for effects than for foldback use.Beneath the aux send controls are two in/out buttons (1/2 and 3/4) for assigning channels to the four available groups, and then come the usual rotary Pan control and a fader.
The back panel is neatly laid out, with 12 quarter-inch jack sockets for the input channels, along with the extra insert jack. Has phantom power switch. Auto Punch I/O button. Pre-roll and post-roll times can be adjusted from 0 to 9 seconds.

732 915 8177 larry
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